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Wireless Temperature Sensor Measures Tyre Temperature via Infra Red (IR)

Believed to be the only sensor available that can perform wireless infrared (IR) tyre temperature measurements, the IRN8WS4 transmits data to a generic master receiver in 868, 902 or 920-MHz frequencies. This, says the Texense Renvale Group, gives users the option to pick the best one frequency, depending on the location.

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Health and Safety

Automated Legionella Temperature Monitoring for Legionella Testing UK

Legionella pneumophila or Legionnaire’s Disease, as it is more frequently known, is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and everyone is susceptible to infection. It is a bacterium readily found in natural water sources but usually harmless as the numbers of bacteria commonly found in natural water sources is low.

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Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Chickens
Farm and Veterinary

Temperature Monitoring for Hatching and Raising Chickens

As more and more people become conscious of how their food is grown, backyard chickens have risen in popularity. From knowing what type of chickens to buy, coop instructions and chicken feed variety, the amount of information can be overwhelming and confusing!

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Sensor Tech

What Are the Benefits of Wireless Temperature Monitoring?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Smart devices have taken over the world and are continually developing at a swift rate. Wireless temperature monitoring is one of the recent products that we used to think as an impossibility in earlier times. Wireless temperature monitoring technology has countless applications and many industries have availed and

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