Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Cloud Based Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

A cloud-based wireless temperature monitoring system typically consists of three main components: a base station, wireless sensors, and repeaters.

  1. Base Station: The base station is the central hub of the system and is responsible for collecting and transmitting data from the wireless sensors. It is connected to the internet and sends the temperature data to a cloud-based server where it can be accessed and analyzed. 

  2. Wireless Sensors: The wireless sensors are placed in the environment where temperature monitoring is required. They measure the temperature and send the data wirelessly to the base station. The sensors can be battery-powered and they communicate with the base station using a wireless protocol.

  3. Repeaters: If the sensors are placed in areas where the signal strength from the base station is weak, repeaters can be used to extend the range of the system. The repeaters receive the signal from the sensors and retransmit it to the base station, strengthening the signal and ensuring that the temperature data is transmitted accurately.

In a cloud-based wireless temperature monitoring system, the temperature data is stored on a cloud server where it can be accessed and analyzed from anywhere with an internet connection.

 The system can be configured to send alerts or notifications if the temperature goes outside of a specified range, allowing you to monitor and respond to changes in real-time. Additionally, the system can be updated remotely, making it easy to add new sensors or make changes to the configuration as needed.

The Thermonoitor hardware and software is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, to the highest commercial standards, by Sulis Technology Ltd. We are currently developing a new version of the sensors to allow humidity, methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to be developed for various industries. 

We also are happy to provide besoke development services that standard suppliers cannot as we manaufacture all our own products. For any questions or enquiries please contact us on 01443 814800 or via sales@sulistechnology.com

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