Wireless Temperature Monitoring Benefits

Designed and developed in the UK The Thermonitor Cloud is the latest in wireless temperature monitoring systems and able to monitor the temperatures of up to 50 fridges, freezers, cold rooms, storage facilities and hot boxes simultaneously.

Benefits of a Wireless Temperature Sensor Monitoring System

Reduces your energy bills and keeps temperatures at the optimum levels required

Produces commercial reports with charts and graphs invaluable to inspections

The Thermonitor Wireless Temperature Monitor helps improve inspection scores and reputation

Thermonitor provides accurate, live monitoring by taking readings every 5 minutes

Reduces stock losses caused by temperature deviations

Thermonitor provides adherence to regulatory guidelines with ease and accuracy

SMS alarm system to mobile, landline or email in case of temperature variances or battery issues

Thermonitor stabilises your temperature equipment allowing for greater accuracy

Thermonitor Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

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