Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals

Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals often store thousands of pounds worth of extremely expensive and temperature sensitive stock. Temperature deviations can literally have life or death consequences for patients.

It is very common for veterinary hospitals to have multiple business units and the importance of temperature safety becomes clear. The Thermonitor Cloud temperature data can be viewed at any time, from any location then this life altering stock can be monitored and secured 24/7 and unliked cheaper models on the market our product has excellent range through thick walls. 

The Thermonitor wireless temperature monitoring system can save your patients health and mitigate against the risk of costly lawsuits through negligence, we are able to provide data history going back several years if required so you will always be safe for inspection.

Commercial Temperature Monitor

Quick & Easy Setup

Easily install sensors and base station and be up and running in minutes

Timely Alerts

Receive timely alerts via phone, email, push message and sms text

Long Range Wireless Sensors

Superior wireless range for monitoring commercial facilities of any size

Long Life High Range Sensors

Sensors with low power consumption providing multi year battery life

Remote Monitoring

Free mobile app to access temperature status from anywhere

Analytics & Reporting

View temperature and notifications logs, plus run and schedule reports

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Thermonitor Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is manufactured and distributed by Sulis Technology Ltd.

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