Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Convenience Store Industry

The convenience store industry has received the Thermonitor wireless temperature monitoring system extremely well within the United Kingdom. 

In this industry very often the owner of the business is not able to be at the premises 24/7 meaning that being able to access temperature data via the cloud is extremely beneficial.

This industry, in particular, poses the highest risk for temperature deviations due to human error or door closure failures, again an issue that Thermonitor can overcome.

We have also found that the Thermonitor wireless temperature monitoring system is able to save this industry, along with the others, thousands of pounds worth of money in energy bills caused by incorrect temperature settings and wasted food.

Commercial Temperature Monitor

Quick & Easy Setup

Easily install sensors and base station and be up and running in minutes

Timely Alerts

Receive timely alerts via phone, email, push message and sms text

Long Range Wireless Sensors

Superior wireless range for monitoring commercial facilities of any size

Long Life High Range Sensors

Sensors with low power consumption providing multi year battery life

Remote Monitoring

Free mobile app to access temperature status from anywhere

Analytics & Reporting

View temperature and notifications logs, plus run and schedule reports

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Thermonitor Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is manufactured and distributed by Sulis Technology Ltd.

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