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Wireless Temperature Monitoring Sensors Can Transform Your Business

What if there were a way for restaurants  to significantly reduce food safety breaches and expensive product loss?  Well, with Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems you can.

Continuous temperature monitoring sensors ensure more accurate time and temperature controls in butchers, fishmongers, hotels, takeaways, cafes and restaurant kitchens, which directly improves food safety and reduces food spoilage.  Yet, less than 5% of companies within the restaurant and hospitality industries use automated sensors to track temperatures.

At present 85% of restaurants’ food safety and product loss issues involve time and temp controls, therefore it’s imperative for food service operators to utilise a temperature monitoring system with continuous temperature monitoring sensors to keep their clients healthy and their business safe.

Here are four key reasons to use digital sensors for continuous temperature monitoring

Some restaurants believe they can’t afford sophisticated temperature monitoring systems, but today’s  wireless temperature sensors are affordable for cafes, restaurants and a plethora of other businessess who handle both food and medicine.

While it’s true there’s a cost to investing in wireless temperature monitoring, savvy businesses recognise this is a worthwhile investment that ultimately pays for itself.  The return on invesmtent is high when you consider that these tools can both help improve staff productivity. ensure regulatory compliance and also reduce food waste and foodborne illness, all of which have a significant impact on a businesses financial position and reputation.

It has been stated than american restaurants generate 11.4 million tons of food waste at an astonishing cost of $25 billion a year.  A single overnight freezer failure could cost a restaurant thousands of dollars in product loss.  Eliminating this “cost of doing business” translates into serious money saved each year.

Too often, restauranteurs think hardware means serious money upfront.  whilst these products are already very cost effective, certain suppliers are also looking to offer a “Sensors as a Service”,  so there’s no upfront costs for purchasing hardware, just a deposit and a monthly fee.  This allows small businesses to make subscription payments the way they do for payroll, or many other monthly expenses.

In addition to being more affordable and accessible, the latest digital sensors are more reliable as well. Modern 24/7 – 365 temperature monitoring solutions incorporate LoRa (long-range radio) technology, which provides far better reliability than older-model sensors that use WiFi or Bluetooth (which often can’t penetrate back-of-house environments).

It is true that easy of installation varieus between vendors but many now offer plug and play temperature monitoring systems but many are also able to provide an installation service if required.

Whatever you choose, it is worth ensuring email, sms and push alerts come as standard, or opt for a conscierge service if this is an option. One last thing to remember is your provider MUST OFFER a callibration service, if a company is buying cheap hardware they likely wont be able to offer this, but every reputable supplier will do so at a small fee, this ensures you are always covered when disaster strikes !

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