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Food and Beverage Establishment Inspections

One of the biggest challenges butchers, retail outlets, restaurants, food wholesalers and fast food restaurants face is to be able to maintain food safe temperatures, all day and every day.

Modern wireless sensors monitor temperatures inside any coolers or equipment providing real-time alerts let you know when temperatures rise too high or fall too low and save on costly or possibly worse life threatening issues arising from temperature problems.

And with easy-to-use, wireless tools for HACCP compliance and operational checklists, you can ensure guest safety and protect your brand. Automated temperature monitoring produces accurate data and eliminates human error.

Not only will you demonstrate compliance – you’ll know when temperatures are out of range, so you can correct the problem immediately. The result? Safer food, enhanced brand protection, and the peace of mind that no temperature mishap will ever bring down your business.

The most reliable wireless temperature monitoring system, for your walk in cooler temperature monitoring, 24 hour refrigerator temperature monitoring, with remote temperature monitor. Place the wireless temperature sensors inside coolers, freezers, kitchen equipment, or any other back-of-house location.

With advances in technology no drilling or renovations are required. Your sensors run 24 hours a day and consistently transmit consistent, accurate temperature data to the cloud and with a good quality system you can Access data online from a comprehensive dashboard, anytime and anywhere. The systems allow kitchen staff to use a wireless temperature probe and connected tablet to complete HACCP checklists and address your company’s compliance requirements.

Food safety temperature monitoring at its best. Receive a notification when temperatures don’t meet your requirements or your checklists are not complete. The wireless temperature system alerts you via email, text message, or push alerts.

Access real-time temperature and checklist data, including corrective actions, from any web-enabled device.

Pull reports on historical temperature data from any kitchen location Wireless sensors live inside your freezers, refrigerators, or any location in your kitchen. Just place the sensors where you need them and gain access to accurate temperature data, 24/7/365.

Real-time notifications alert you when temperatures are too high or too low, enabling quick correction to avoid perishable product loss.

Food safety temperature monitoring for today buzzy kitchens. Walk in temperature monitoring and commercial refrigerator temperature monitoring are pretty much a standard across all modern stores for walk in coolers, salad station, prep area, milkshake machines, meat counters and more.

Cloud based wireless temperature monitoring systems provide near real-time alerts notify you when there is an issue. You receive an email, text message, or phone call from a live representative when temperatures don’t meet your brand’s specifications. This includes those “middle of the night” incidents when nobody is physically at the location. Store staff receive a call, so issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of warm coolers and soggy boxes.

Wireless temperature sensors are the most powerful transmitters available for challenging restaurant and retail environments. The units are lithium battery powered, easy to install, and don’t require drilling. Add them to any walk-in coolers, freezers, or equipment in your kitchen.

They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you confidence that your food is safe. Matched to your wireless sensors, the receiver logs temperature data and transmits it to the cloud. That way, you can easily view temperatures in real time and receive timely notifications.

The wireless receiver continues to store temperature data during Internet downtime and immediately transmits it when access is restored. Empower your staff by eliminating manual processes.

Less time spent logging temperatures gives employees more time for higher value tasks within your operation and since temperatures come straight from sensors and temperature probes, you won’t have to worry about missing data or inaccurate numbers in your logbook. Monitor internal temperatures of raw ingredients or cooked products with a wireless Bluetooth hand probe.

Temperature probes transmit to a connected tablet, enabling staff to quickly complete time/temp and cooling checklists while maintaining a dependable digital record for HACCP compliance. Through a combination of wireless temperature sensors, mobile technologies, and easy-to-use tools built for the modern kitchen, wireless temperature monitoring systems give you total control over food safety and compliance at your stores. With real-time access to temperature data, you can quickly identify operational deficiencies and prevent food safety mishaps before they occur. You can also make evidence-based decisions about kitchen processes and staff training.

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