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Wireless Temperature Sensor Measures Tyre Temperature via Infra Red (IR)

Believed to be the only sensor available that can perform wireless infrared (IR) tyre temperature measurements, the IRN8WS4 transmits data to a generic master receiver in 868, 902 or 920-MHz frequencies. This, says the Texense Renvale Group, gives users the option to pick the best one frequency, depending on the location.

It uses a reliable, proven wireless technology, standard in most industrial, scientific and medical systems, and a miniaturisation process which is claimed to result in compact, lightweight sensors.

Up to eight of the sensors can be paired simultaneously to the master receiver. This is beneficial when changing components due to crash damage. Parts can be changed, the sensors are paired instantly and data can be read and received straight away.

IR measurement is taken across eight channels, allowing for precise, full width temperature analysis. The measuring range is from -20°C to +200°C, with accuracy of ±1% and a fast response time of 260ms. Power is delivered from a miniature 3.6V lithium battery and is activated by an advanced accelerometer wakeup system. Temperature data is transmitted via CAN, which is user configurable via a smart interface box.

The IR technology is also used in the eight-channel wired tyre temperature sensor, which has been used by over 90% of the Formula One grid, says the company. In motorsport as well as automotive R&D labs, the sensor allows technicians to measure tyre temperatures internally. Tyre carcass and bead temperatures are measured at various speeds, loads and slip angles. Data from these measurements can then be correlated with parameters, such as tread temperature, load and tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) measurements for safer, more efficient tyres to be developed.

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