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Modernising Veterinary practices with cloud based wireless temperature monitoring systems

Modern veterinary practices place product safety and regulatory compliance at the top of their agenda, both for cost and legislative reasons.

Thermonitor’s goal is to give practice directors and managers peace of mind knowing that critical medical supplies will be safe from heat damage. The current use of data loggers and thermometers across the country is simply not capable of providing immediate alerts for power outages or equipment failures. Wireless systems can save stock and allow staff to focus on critical patient care.

Independent Practices usually have 3 to 4 refrigerators. Modern Wireless Temoerature monitoring system are built to allow for growth with up to 60 sensors.Staff are not required to respond to damage occurring via wireless real-time alerts, which saves time and stock. Audit trails are also a requirement for complying with compliance requirements.

Cloud-based Wireless Temperature Monitorong Systems can be assigned to individual practices or can be linked together in a data dashboard. Multiple users can access real-time data and alarms across the entire network. This allows practice directors and managers to see multiple critical environments from one place. Modern systems can also measure temperature and humidity in dry storage areas.

For a free trial of our cloud based wireless temperature monitoring system, contact us to discuss your practice and determine the best solution.

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