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Food Safety - HACCP System

The Thermonitor wireless temperature monitoring device is an essential HACCP system ensuring that you adhere to the seven principles covered by HACCP (in relation to food temperature storage).

Food safety is a critical concern for any business handling food products and yet the monitoring and recording of the information relating to temperature storage in particular is an issue for many businesses.These include the need for constant manual checks, the need for temperature record charts, the associated storage and filing of this information and the worry of temperature deviations.

The Thermonitor HACCP system alleviates these worries by charting the temperature of your units every 5 minutes, recording and storing this information for you for viewing at any time, alerting you to any temperature deviations and allowing you to record any vital corrective action taken.

The Thermonitor wireless temperature monitoring system can mitigate against the risk of costly lawsuits through negligence. The system also enables you to produce accurate charts and graphs of the temperatures over time in order for any insurance claims that may arise.

Commercial Temperature Monitor

Quick & Easy Setup

Easily install sensors and base station and be up and running in minutes

Timely Alerts

Receive timely alerts via phone, email, push message and sms text

Long Range Wireless Sensors

Superior wireless range for monitoring commercial facilities of any size

Long Life High Range Sensors

Sensors with low power consumption providing multi year battery life

Remote Monitoring

Free mobile app to access temperature status from anywhere

Analytics & Reporting

View temperature and notifications logs, plus run and schedule reports

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Thermonitor Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is manufactured and distributed by Sulis Technology Ltd.

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