Wireless Temperature Monitor Feature Requests


The Thermonitor system is great value for money, it is simple to use and alerts us when our fridges and freezers are running above or below temperature. The sensors monitor my fridges and freezers 24/7 which frees up my staff and gives me peace of mind during times when the shop is closed, it alerts me when temperatures are too low/high with ample time to save stock.

Mr. Nithy Nithyanandan

Costcutter Epsom

Viewing my data online via the portal is quick and easy, I can view historic data as and when needed. The system removes the need for manual temperature recording saving staff time. When I look through historic data I can easily check on the recycling rate of all of my appliances which gives me a good indication that they are working as efficiently as possible.

Mr. Keith Tomes

Costcutter Swanage

The Thermonitor temperature monitoring system has saved us lots of time and money, removing the job of manual checks and emailing alerts of a temperature change which could potentially lead to loss of stock. It gives us peace of mind and keeps us compliant with environmental health requirements. It is very user friendly and has been an excellent Investment.

Jane Moore

Costcutter Long Buckby

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