Wireless Temperature Monitoring Applications

How it can be used

Our Wireless Temperature Monitoring Device/Temperature Alert System has multiple applications and as one size fits all the price of the system is far lower than most of our competitors.

Restaurant/Food Industry

The food industry is very fast paced in which time is of the essence. Our system frees up both staff and managerial time allowing these resources to be put to better use.

Convenience Store Industry

In this industry very often the owner of the business is not able to be at the premises 24/7 meaning that being able to access temperature data via the cloud is extremely beneficial.

Catering/Hotel Industry

In the catering and hotel industry these industries there is often a quick and high turnaround required on food stock and often large amounts of food are stocked at once. 

Pharmaceutical/Health Industry

Pharmaceutical and health industry fridges often contain thousands of pounds worth of stock which if damaged by incorrect temperature can prove dangerous to customers.

Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals

This industry often stores thousands of pounds worth of extremely expensive temperature sensitive stock. Temperature deviations can have life or death consequences for patients.

Food Safety - HACCP System

Food safety is a critical concern for any business handling food products and yet the monitoring and recording of the information relating to temperature storage is an issue for many .

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