How can I monitor my temperature remotely ?

This is one of our most popular questions, we provide both an application and web view for monitoring your sensors / appliances. We also provide alerts via sms or email should your set range be breached. 

What is a temperature monitoring system and why would I need one in my business ?

As the name suggests, a temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature of your applicances by using a sensor.  If your chosen model is cloud based (like Thermonitor) you can view this from anywhere in the world on a conveniance dashboard. 

What is a wireless temperature sensor? 

Many of the older systems require wired probes to check the temperature inside a fridge, modern systems like Thermonitor are wire free and can sit inside the freezer and send data back to the base station via a wireless connection. This reduces the risk of warm or cold air entering the freezer or hotbox as there is no break in the seal.

How do wireless temperature monitoring systems work?

Modern wireless temperature monitoring systems (like Thermonitor) use three components, a base station, multiple sensors and possibly a repeater depending on the distance between the sensors and the base station. The sensor takes the temperature and sends that data back to the base station, which in turn sends the data to the cloud so the user can view their appliances from anywhere in the world, or monitor multiple businesses at once.

What is the purpose of temperature monitoring?

By recording temperatures you are able to meet the legislative requirements for food or medicinal safety, produce reports and records for inspectors, save time and money in case of a freezer malfunction and sfeguard your business, clients / patients and reputation. The return on investment is high for any business making use of such a system.

How can I monitor my temperature remotely?

If you are making use of a cloud based system you can view the data and history in a web based dashboard on via an application on a tablet / mobile device. In addition Thermonitor sends both email and sms should the set ranges be breached. This will save thosands of pounds in food / medicine costs.

What is the best wireless temperature monitoring system?

There are a number of good modern systems on the market, we believe Thermonitor is a world class system, allowing you to monitor up to 60 sensors per base station, and our costs are considerably cheaper than the opposition and much quicker to setup. We provide annual callibration services annually to ensure accuracy.

Can I produce a report over time showing the temperature of my appliances ? I need this for the inspectors.

Absolutely, this is one of the major selling points of a Wireless temperature monitoring system, at a push of a button you are provided with a report, it massively saves time and admin costs.


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